The following is my policy for the use of original songs I’ve created. As long as you stay within these guidelines you do not need to contact me. Please be aware that if you violate these terms you may be met with a copyright strike depending on the severity of the situation. Additionally please read the Exceptions section at the end to ensure you do not accidentally violate anything.

Covers & Remixes:

You may feel free to create covers and remixes of songs I’ve created as long as the following guidelines are met:

  • You MUST credit me in both the description and video itself if there is one. Please link back to either the original song or my channel.
  • You may not monetize your cover or remix, nor may you sell it or put it on monetized streaming services. I’d also prefer you not put them on sites like bandcamp where people have the option to pay. Please contact me if you wish to monetize your cover or remix.
  • Your cover should not promote any kind of hate speech, acts of violence, or harassment of any kind.
  • Do not cover any of my songs using the Synthesizer V AI voicebank SOLARIA. Due to the actions of someone I am no longer friends with, she triggers my RSD, I ask that you respect this, regardless of how ridiculous it sounds. (For clarification purposes, this person is not anyone associated with EclipsedSounds)
  • In the event I ever set up automatic copyright claiming, do not attempt to challenge it, or I may be forced to take your video down.
  • You must be willing to take down a cover or remix at my request regardless of whether or not you violated these terms.
  • I think I have some songs on bandcamp that have their own copyright licenses, though I don’t know which ones, if any of them allow you to sell derivatives without my consent, please let me know before you do anything with them to prevent confusion.


If your work actually falls under parody, then I can’t really stop you from doing anything with it. That said, please be aware that what is legally considered a parody under fair use laws is very different from what the many consider to be parody (Weird Al’s parodies are licensed for a reason).

If your work doesn’t constitute parody, it is to be treated as a cover, and should follow the guidelines for a cover.

Video/Stream BGM

Unless the song appears in a game, and you’re streaming that game, please do not use my songs as background music. If you truly want to for whatever reason, contact me and we will work out a deal. If you are found violating this you will be asked to stop and either cut said songs out of your video or take it down.

Use in Games

Please contact me before using my music in games. If you’re an independent developer and your game is free I’ll probably just let you use it, but any other type of projects will be made to pay some type of fee.

As I get better at music and Z Vocal Project grows, there may be music packs given to people who own certain voicebank license that give them permission to use the provided tracks in games for free. You do not need to contact me to use those if you own that voicebank’s license and make under a certain amount of money.


Use of any original song that is unlisted on my YouTube channel is explicitly forbidden, as they are only up for archival purposes. Do not contact me and ask if you can use/license them, the answer is no. If you go against this I will ask you to take your work down, and if needed a copyright strike will be issued.