How to buy Quadimension SynthV Banks on Taobao

I’m making this guide because I bought Muxin successfully, but saw a lot of people who don’t know what they’re talking about try to say that this process is impossible, or that you have to use a forwarding service. This is a guide for people outside of china who want to get one of the Quadimension banks from Taobao. Whenever I buy Stardust Infinity, I’ll update this with better info on checking out on Taobao, as I can only get so far without actually placing an order.

Step 1: What You Need

I recommend having all of the following, as they are crucial to retrieving your voicebank:

  • A working phone that can receive texts
  • The Taobao App (This is CRUCIAL)
  • I’d recommend setting up a Google Voice number for reasons I’ll explain later.
  • I’d also highly recommend having a browser with an automatic translate feature.

Step 2: Set up your Taobao Account

Navigate on over to Taobao World (The official Taobao site for foreigners). Click the option boxed in red.

It will bring you to a page that looks like the one below. Enter in your phone number. It will then send you a verification code to enter. I do not have a second phone so I cannot help you with sign up beyond this point, just make sure you have google translate on and you should get through it fine.

YOU MAY GET AN ERROR TELLING YOU YOU’VE SENT TOO MANY REQUESTS! Don’t worry, just wait like 5 minutes and then try again, your phone number isn’t locked or anything Taobao is just weird sometimes.

You may also be greeted to a page like the one below. If that ever errors it is the same deal as sending too many SMS requests, just wait a couple minutes, refresh the page, and try again if they ask.

Once you have your account set up I highly recommend signing in on the app, this will enable QR code login and will prevent you from having to deal with SMS login in the future.

Step 3: Order the voicebank

To locate the Quadimension voicebanks, go to the search bar and type in this:

五维介质系列SV二代中文声库 歌声合成引擎Synthesizer V Studio
It should be the only result, currently it’s image is a Stardust Infinity.

On the store page, click on the voicebank you want and then hit add to cart. The big image on the left should reflect what you’re purchasing. The voicebanks are all in that row at the top.

If you can’t add the voicebank to your cart for whatever reason, your cart is global, and if needed you can add it on the mobile app and then continue check out on your computer.
Once it is in your cart, select the voicebank and then hit the orange button next to the voicebank to order.

Next it will ask for your address, I don’t think it matters too much because it’s physical, but you might just want to enter yours instead of making one up. The country options don’t translate for some reason, but the one in blue down there is the USA. The rest of address entry should be self explanitory.

Next comes checkout, make sure you have contact the seller for delivery selected, they are going to message you your code so you should not pay for consolidation or shipping. Hit the checkout button and order.

I cannot bring you past this next step at this current moment, but to my knowledge you will next pay with Alipay and will have to set up an account. They accept US Credit Cards and if I remember correctly setting everything up was simple.

Step 4: Retrieve your voicebank and Serial Code

If you have not already at this point, sign into the taobao app on your phone. Taobao communication is usually done through an application called AliWangWang, from what I hear this application is actual spyware and it’s best to avoid installing it (that might just be people being paranoid), regardless I couldn’t get the English version, Trade Manager, to work correctly. If you’re reading this and you know how to get it working please let me know.

Back on topic, as we cannot get AliWangWang, we will have to use the taobao mobile app to talk to the sellers as it contains that messaging system.

Hit the little message bubble icon at the bottom to open the seller chat.

When your order is delivered you will see a message from someone at Quadimension. In my case this person was zrq,

Look for a message like the following (In my case it was the first). It will contain the link to the baidu page along with the password for the repository. I am not leaking those here.

Next look for a message like the following. The number next to the vb name I believe is what number voicebank you have, and the following string of characters is your license code.

That’s all the important stuff, the rest is just SynthV Info. If you don’t want to manually type that stuff, long press the message, and that first option SHOULD be copy.

Step 5: Getting a Baidu Account + Alternative Method

To download voicebanks from Baidu you’re gonna need a Baidu account. If you try to sign up on the actual Baidu website, you’ll probably be greeted with a message saying they aren’t accepting non-Chinese numbers. Luckily there is a workaround. Head over to this page, this is the Baidu AI Cloud Login page.

For an in-depth sign up tutorial check out this article You may encounter the same error I did when signing up, which said I had to wait 24 hours before trying again when I entered my actual phone number. This is why I said you should set up a google voice number. That should hopefully work and allow you to sign in.

It is super important to note that when I signed up and entered the code with google voice, the webpage froze, and I assumed the sign up failed. As I learned later, it didn’t, my account was created and I was logged in. If this happens to you try going to the download link and see if you’re logged in.

Alternate Method

Did that not work? I’d recommend contacting Andy Liu to get it for you. As long as he’s awake he’ll get it to you fast, you just need to send him $1 on Paypal, then email him with the link to the download page, the code, and I’d recommend telling him which voicebank you need (I don’t think he’s familiar with vocal synths so use the Chinese name). This is by far the best method of getting something off of Baidu if you do not have a Baidu account. If you use this method you’re done, ignore the next step.

Step 6: Download that shit

Once you have your Baidu account, go to the download page, enter the extraction code, and you will be greeted to all the Quadimension voicebank downloads. If you’re downloading one of the standard voicebanks, you will have to download the Baidu desktop app, but for Stardust AI and some of the other stuff, you should be able to just download in-browser.

Run the installer, activate the voicebank, and you should be all set.

If you’ve run into any issues, need help, or want to add anything to this let me know.