Where to find SynthV Lite voicebanks

Instead of trials, SynthV offers Lite voicebanks, these are limited version of the full voicebanks that don’t expire. These voicebanks unfortunately aren’t in one convenient place, and I’m really fucking bored and literally have nothing better to do than catalog this shit.
This was last updated on 10/25/2023.

Terms of Use for Lite Voicebanks

Most lite voicebanks have the following two restrictions: Don’t use them commercially, and You must explicitly state you are using the lite version. Be sure to follow these rules to prevent any issues. Some lite voicebanks have their own terms of use, you should be sure to read those as well.

Limitations of Lite Voicebanks

At the cost of not expiring, lite voicebanks are lower quality than full voicebanks, and lack some features.

  • Standard lite voicebanks only contain 1 pitch and AI lite voicebanks are usually trained on less data.
  • Lite voicebanks are also unable to make use of features such as cross-lingual synthesis and vocal modes (I believe you also need the pro editor to use them on top of that).

Dreamtonics’s info is a bit outdated, but at least to my knowledge you are now able to use auto-pitch tuning with lite voicebanks.

Synthesizer V Studio Basic

AHS Voicebanks:

The link for the lite versions of every AHS distributed SynthV voicebanks can be found here. The list includes:

ANiCUTE Voicebanks:

AUDIOLOGIE Voicebanks:

Dreamtonics Voicebaks:

Here is a link to all lite voicebanks currently distributed by Dreamtonics, it’s mostly overlap besides Chiyu, but the list includes:

Eclipsed Sounds Voicebanks