-Changed download link for XiaYuYao to International shop
-Added Voicemith section
-Added links for XiaYuYao
-Moved Gasoline Alley section before BanG section to match Sidebar
-Added DLsite links for Zunko, Ririrse, Shuo, and Frimomen’s Voicepeak banks
-Added AHS links for Voicepeak commercial narrator
-Added links for Suzuki Tsudumi AI, didn’t realize it was still placeholder text
-Added entries for new Dreamtonics voicebanks Cong Zheng and Xuan Yu
-Added DLsite links for POPY and ROSE
-Fixed Voisona section, was previous pointing to the CeVIO Pro website
-Added entries for Kirune and AiSuu, alongside Sato Sasara’s Voisona port
-Changes Asterian’s digital link to post-launch slug
-Decreased ad frequencies I didn’t realize how intrusive the default settings were sorry about that